Volvo OBD2 diagnose scanner Pro, USB

Volvo OBD2 super diagnose scanner, USB. Voor het uitlezen van Volvo's 1999 en nieuwer.

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Volvo OBD2 diagnose scanner, USB. Voor het uitlezen van alle Volvo's 1999 tot heden op dealer niveau.

Super Volvo Diagnose scanner Pro Description: 
Volvo Dice PRO+ is the newest Volvo car scanner which is used together with all-in-one to communicate with the vehicle.
Communication makes diagnosing and troubleshooting the vehicle possible, as well as downloading software.
In order to facilitate the maintenance convenience, when the car Pro provides a holster and handle, can effectively protect the equipment, the user can be hung on the equipment or his belt. In equipment positive four lamp, it will tell whether good user equipment work in equipment, the operating instructions on the tools back.

Super Volvo Diagnose scanner Pro Features:
1. Volvo Diagnose scanner Pro is assigned Volvo OEM scanner, It provide original trouble diagnostic, original work information system , Pro self-test, Pro automatic upgrade by newer software version and alone SQL Server database.
2. Volvo Diagnose scanner Pro has all set function to support workshop, It can do Volvo cars form 1999 to now.(according VIDA version) 
3. Volvo Diagnose scanner Pro automatic scan the vehicle information by itself ,example Vin number / Engine Num / AT Number.....
4. Volvo Diagnose scanner Pro can do read DTC, How to repair DTC, Read Data stream, Actuation, Programming/coding.

Super Volvo Diagnose scanner Pro Supported Protocol:
The volvo cars has a lot of protocol, such as K-Line, CanBus, Signle CanBus, Manufacture K+Double CanBus and K+Signle CanBus.These protocols is improved in the auto delopment. Pro support all protocol of Volvo.

- Volvo OBD2 diagnose scanner Pro
- USB kabel
- Drivers en software

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