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BMW EWS Editor Version 3.2.0 B is designed to work with factory anti-theft system (immobilizer) EWS. Immobilizer EWS has been installed on the BMW AG vehicles since 1996

BMW EWS Editor, software Version: V3.2.0

This device is designed to work with factory anti-theft system (immobilizer) EWS. Immobilizer EWS has been installed on the BMW AG vehicles since 1996. Cars such as BMW 3 series (E46), 5 series (E39), 7 series (E38), X3 (E83), X5 (E53), Z4 (E85) and other vehicles of BMW AG - MiniCooper, Rover 75, Range Rover are equipped with
this system.

1. USB interface
2. No AC/DC adaptor required
3. All modifications of factory immobilizers are supported: EWS1, EWS2, EWS3, EWS3+
4. Reading and writing of EWS3 and EWS3+ via k-line
5. Automatic version determination of EWS via reading the memory dump
6. Adding new keys
7. Adding used keys (if key’s password is available)
8. Resetting used keys into a “new” state (if key’s password is available)
9. Recovery of key's synchronization (matching keys)
10. Blocking and releasing vehicle access via the specific key
11. Recovering of coding data (vehicle's specific information)
12. Changing EWS parameters (product number, date of manufacturing, etc)
13. Resetting used EWS3 (loading default values)
14. Changing VIN number which is contained in EWS unit
15. Changing VIN number which is contained in key (since 1998)
16. Changing mileage in EWS (contained in EWS since 1998 and on)
17. Changing mileage in key (contained in key since 1998 and on)
18. Software creates log-file of read and written keys, which helps to exclude the error of casual blocking key with password, etc.
19. Possibility of control and recovery of variable part of matching code for EWS and engine control unit DME/DDE
20. Configuring new transponders PCF7930 and PCF7935 to work with EWS unit.
21. Supports FSU (Firmware Secure Update) from Internet.Except processors with mask set D47J. EWS unit equipped with this processor has read protection, attempt of
22. reading the processor with this mask set results EEPROM data loss.
23. To recover the data in EWS3 unit with processor (D47J) use the function [ Reset to factory defaults ]

Supported cars:
BMW 3 series (E46)
BMW 5 series (E39)
BMW 7 series (Е38)
BMW X3 (E83)
BMW Х5 (Е53)
BMW Z4 (E85)
Range Rover Vogue
Rover 75
Mini Cooper

Checking of MOTOROLA processor mask set which is used in some EWS units
Before proceed to reading of EWS data using the function [ EWS Read ]

Read the marking (mask set) plotted on processor (picture):
1. Mask set D47J -old versions of EWS1, EWS2 and EWS3 hw:2 sw:5. Refer to #Recovering of EWS
2. Mask set D46J -new versions of EWS3 and EWS3+. This processor does not contain unpleasant

1. Selecting wrong test point you may damage or break EWS3 unit! Be very attentive!
2. PCB of EWS3 unit is covered with non-conductive compound, it may lead to poor contact of probe with test point on the PCB of EWS3 unit, and you will be unable to
connect to EWS3 unit.

Writing EWS
1. Connect EWS3 to the socket of the cable for reading/writing EWS3
2. Perform all the necessary changes
3. Select [ Save EWS ] function in EWS Editor programme

Wordt geleverd met:
- BMW EWS Editor Versie 3.2.0 B
- USB kabel
- Aansluitkabel
- Installatie CD en drivers

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